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What, if you could not only be up to date but even be ahead of time? Our KEX.net technology scouts monitor and evaluate the latest trends in markets and research. Located at the RWTH Aachen Campus in Germany we utilize one of the world's leading research networks to discover relevant technological signs as early as possible. As a user of our KEX.trends service, you will not miss any upcoming trend in the future. KEX.trends enables you to find the right strategic directions for your company, business unit or team.


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The Knowledge Area »Additive Manufacturing« has been recently launched, several other knowledge areas will be available soon. Our platform KEX.net provides comprehensive technical knowledge, based on interaction with renowned research entities and global industrial players. For the KEX.knowledge database, our technology experts frequently scout the latest applications, materials, production technologies and rate them about economic and technological aspects.


Test our first Knowledge Area now!

Access the latest information regarding 3D-printed applications, latest materials and printing technologies. Save hours of time searching for updates in the AM market.


Our service aims on efficiently integrating latest technology related know-how in your corporate processes.

We offer access to exclusive technology based information, derived from global research and industrial networks.

Rely on our services to save your time and budget searching, refining and evaluating crucial technology information.



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Estimated Launch Q3/2020



  • KEX.trends Freemium
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Estimated Launch Q3/2020

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  • Focus on selected knowledge areas
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Area Additive Manufacturing
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  • KEX.knowledge Basic
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Estimated Launch Q4/2020

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