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Is your role scouting for new or urgently needed technologies or innovative applications within your company?

If yes, this is is the perfect platform to find reliable technology information and sufficient tool support for the most relevant industries, superior technology trends and fields of application. The offered knowledge is based on a huge research landscape mainly hosted at European and Asian universities, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and companies all over the world.

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Trend Navigator

Starting with your selected industry, the most relevant socio-economic trends impacting your business and the superior technology trends of interest, we guide you to the most relevant application trends. These application trends might contain highly relevant and game changing applications for your company's business. Make use of up-to-date information regarding market-, technology- and application trends based on a globally oriented scouting and a real time validation by selected experts from research and industry.

Technology Knowledge

The heart of our value proposition is the Technology Knowledge database containing profiles for core technologies, latest applications, experts, enabling partners and research entities. Utilizing our Trend Navigator we navigate you to the Knowledge Areas of importance for you and your company. These dedicated areas offer a broad, reasoned structure coping with the highly dynamic development of each of the offered topics. Further each knowledge area contains hundreds of up-to-date profiles for relevant technologies, materials, applications, experts, companies and markets. Combined with a mighty set of visualization tools like radars, maps, tree structures and export functions you will find a unique solution to cope with major question marks in the context of the selected knowledge area.

Patent Analyzer

The combination of a highly reliable Technology Knowledge database and a mighty toolset improves your daily work identifying relevant technologies, applications and experts for your business. In order to validate and to further improve your daily work we offer a set of tools focusing on the European and global patent system. Our tools will indicate weak signals and support your personal alarming regarding your company's personal most relevant core technologies.

Platform Basic


  • Trend Navigator
  • Relevant News
  • Content Navigator

Platform Corporate

€110 / mo

  • Corporate Account 10 Users
  • Access to Expert Network
  • Personal Trend Navigator
  • Individualized News
  • Free Reports

Content Basic

from €850 / mo

  • Access to a dedicated Knowledge Area
  • Access to Visualization Tools
  • Patent Monitoring
  • Technology Monitoring
  • Trend & Technology Reports

Content Corporate

from €1.800 / mo

  • Corporate Access to a dedicated Knowledge Area
  • Access to Visualization Tools
  • Individualized Patent Monitoring
  • Individualized Technology Monitoring
  • Alarming Service
  • Trend & Technology Reports
  • Export Functionality

Patrick Wienert

Partner KEX AG

Our huge experience in hundreds of industrial technology and application scouting and monitoring projects is a perfect basis to establish a highly usable workspace for innovation oriented customers. There will be no similar solution in the future combining exclusive research knowledge with a highly efficient tool landscape.

André Bräkling

Product Manager KEX AG

Reliable, exclusive content and a customer centric tool chain are the major focus points of our work. We will always strive for highest usability and optimal tool support by introducing latest deep learning and artificial intelligence approaches to our software landscape.


Founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT the KEX Knowledge Exchange AG offered its technology consulting services to a huge number of global market leaders, German DAX companies and European hidden champions. Based on this broad industrial customer experience and the close connection to the institutes of RWTH Aachen University, one of the European technology hot spots, we have developed a perfect understanding of our customers' needs and the required solutions to support innovation in a perfect way.